Roamin' Catholic

Friday, February 05, 2010


FROM: John Chuchman, poetman@torchlake.comRE: 30 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE LEFT THE CHURCH WORLD WIDE (as posted in MIRABILE DICTU)

The hierarchy labels Catholics who have moved beyond the boundariesof institutional religion in search of Spiritual growth "Fallen-away Catholics", as if not following the man-made rules and regulations signifies a loss of faith. Outrageous! I asked people for a more appropriate name for us; Here are some of the responses:

Homeless Catholics, Nomad Catholics, Catholic Alumni,
Exodus Catholics, Liberated Catholics, Adult Catholics,
Non-Attending Catholics,Un-fearful Catholics,
Alienated CatholicsNon-bureaucratic Catholics,
Inclusive CatholicsCatholics in Love, Catholics in Exile,
Recovering Catholics, Kinda Catholics,
Liberal Catholics, Raised Catholics, USTA B Catholics
Wandering Catholics, Roamin’ Catholics
Disgruntled Catholics, Wayward CatholicsActivist Catholics,
Gypsy Catholics, Agitator Catholics, , Jesus Catholics
Non-bureaucratic Catholics, Un-hierarchied Catholics,
Protesting Catholics, Re-Formed Catholics
Metanoiaed Catholics, Pray, Play, DisObey Catholics
Non-Babel Catholics, Catholics Living in the Real World
Post-medieval Catholics, Un-clericalized Catholics
Freed Catholics, New World Catholics, Rebel Catholics,
Disenfranchised Catholics, Home-Liturgy Catholics
True-Tradition Catholics, Non-Lay Catholics
De-Catechized Catholics, Open-Table Catholics
De-institutionalized Catholics, De-programmed Catholics,
De-culted Catholics ,Ecumenical Catholics, catholic Catholics,
Fundamental Catholics (as opposed to Catholic fundamentalists)
Un-intimidated Catholics, Illuminated Catholics
Former Catholics, Universe Catholics , Refreshed Catholics,
Progressive Catholics, Small-Faith-Group Catholics,
Happy liberal Catholics, Discerning Catholics, Thinking Catholics
Emmaus Catholics, John XXIII Catholics, Christian Catholics
Global Catholics, Welcoming Catholics, Beatitude Catholics
Episcopalians, Call-To-Action Catholics, Pot Luck Catholics,
People of God,Catholics-with-a-brain-not-afraid-to-use-it,
Thinking Catholics, Catholics Conflicted , The Newly Marginalized Catholics,
First-Century Catholics, Run-Away Catholics

Fallen Away?